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Please note Game Studio Ireland Challenge Cup Rules are subject to change. All entrants must ensure full compliance with rules and agreed to terms of the participation agreement.

General Rules

  1. Entrants must read and agree to the Participation Agreement.
  2. Entrants to the Game Studio Ireland Challenge Cup can be an;
    Individual entry
    Team entry (of no more than 5 students, each team member should agree to the Participation Agreement)
  3. Entrants will be accepted from 2nd, 3rd and/or 4th years that are full time undergraduate 3rd level courses and Fetac level 6 game design courses. Entrants must have the approval of an academic mentor.
  4. One entry per educational institution is allowed. Institutions may apply to submit up-to three entries for consideration and these maybe allocated available places, in priority order as identified by the institutions academic mentor and at the discretion of the organising committee. Colleges and Universities must officially register each Game Entry as set out in the competition schedule.
  5. Entrants to the Game Studio Ireland Challenge shall base their Game Entry on the theme of the Games Fleadh. Copies of entrant’s source code, art and audio work must be submitted as set out in the competition schedule..
  6. The entrants must submit a Game Design Report explaining in detail their design and how this has been implemented.
  7. Entrants must also submit and A3 game poster.
  8. The Game Entry should include all source code; a Windows targeted Project and Game Design Report. This rule ensures there is a common starting point and the progression to the final submitted Game Entry will be detailed in the source code and media files, Game Design Report and A3 Poster.
  9. The Judging Panel will be nominated by the organising committee. The Judging Panel must be satisfied as to the suitability of each entrant’s Game Entry and that it fairly reflects the work and research of the individual or each member of a team. Each team member must be present themselves for interview. If a team member does not present for interview they cannot form part of a competing team, no exceptions.
  10. The Game Entry must be the contestants own work. Any breach of this will result in immediate disqualification.
  11. The Game Entry will developed using resources.
  12. The Game Entry must be demonstrable on Windows 8 and/or Xbox 360 and/or Windows Phone 8. To be considered for the Windows Phone 8 prize and the Windows Tablet prize a version of the game must be on the Microsoft store and available for download on Wednesday March 11th 2015.
  13. The use of external API’s should be limited and where used fully documented in the Game Design Report.
  14. The Game Studio Ireland Challenge will consist of public demonstrations of each Game Entry and a judging round where up-to three teams will be selected.
  15. Selected teams will present their Game Entry to the judging panel and may also be voted on by members of the assembled audience.
  16. Teams are responsible for load in and load out of Game Entry demonstration equipment and materials.
  17. Use of overhead projectors is not allowed. Trailing cables or introduction of safety hazards in a display may result in team disqualification.
  18. Teams must provide all demonstration equipment, A3 poster. Teams are provided with;
    Quantity Description
    1 Wired internet point with Xbox Live Access
    Open Wireless Access
    2 240 volt plug outlet
    1 Table (45 x 60 cm)
    1 Wallspace for A3 Poster
  19. Judges will review the Game Entry under the headings of Game play, Programming, Art and Audio. Judges reserve the right to revise these criteria as deemed appropriate.
  20. If these rules conflict in any way with the Participation Agreement, the Participation Agreement takes precedence.
  21. Incomplete, damaged, defaced or illegible Game Entries may be deemed invalid at the sole discretion of organising committee.  Game Entry constitutes full and unconditional acceptance of these rules.
  22. The organising committee reserves the right to disqualify anyone in breach of these rules.
  23. The decision of the Organising committee, Interview Panel and Judges will be final.

Game Studio Ireland Challenge 2015 Specific Game Rules

  1. Game Studio Ireland Challenge will honour  the theme endless runner
  3. A Game Entry can be submitted as 2D or 3D games.
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